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Mixing bowl brush + dough PRO suitable for the TM5 and TM6

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Your perfect dream team for your Thermomix

The DoughPRO: The Thermomix kneads a perfect dough for every occasion in just a few minutes, but the dough residue sticks together the entire mixing bowl knife and the subsequent cleaning of the knife causes some people to despair. With the TeigPRO, preparing dough and cleaning the mixing bowl knife is now child's play.

The innovative mixing bowl brush is the perfect solution for cleaning the mixing bowl effortlessly and thoroughly. The extra-long brush handle allows you to effortlessly clean mixing bowls of any size without hitting your hands on the mixing bowl or getting them wet and dirty. The special bristle length and shape adapts optimally to the inner contours of the mixing bowl. This means that even stubborn residues are thoroughly removed and hard-to-reach areas are effectively cleaned.

A special highlight of the mixing bowl brush is the integrated detergent compartment, which allows the preferred detergent to be dosed perfectly. This makes cleaning even more effective. After use, the mixing bowl brush can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher to prepare it for the next use. If the brush head becomes worn due to prolonged use, the brush head can easily be replaced with the included replacement brush head. This saves resources and ensures sustainable use of the mixing bowl brush.

Thanks to the unique properties of the mixing bowl brush, cleaning the mixing bowl becomes a quick, efficient and pleasant task.


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Mixing bowl brush + dough PRO suitable for the TM5 and TM6
Mixing bowl brush + dough PRO suitable for the TM5 and TM6
Mixing bowl brush + dough PRO suitable for the TM5 and TM6
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