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B-stock: Accessory holder for Monsieur Cuisine Connect

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B-stock: "I have no flaws, these are special effects"
Our B-stock products are fully functional new products with small optical special effects. The defects, for example scratches or unevenness in the paint, are usually on the underside of the gliding board or in barely visible places on the top when the food processor is set up.
When cooking with a food processor, the question often arises as to where to put the accessories that are not needed. Most of the time they are lying around in a drawer, untidy and not within reach.
This is exactly why we offer the perfect solution with the accessory holder. The accessory holder offers you an optimal storage option for your Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories and is tailored precisely to the individual accessories. This means that everything has a fixed and safe place and is always ready to hand.

The accessory holder is made of high-quality metal and then finished with a robust powder coating. This makes it very robust and water-repellent, which guarantees a long service life and a lot of fun while cooking. There are rubber feet on the underside of the accessory holder to prevent it from slipping on the kitchen counter and to ensure that the accessory holder has a secure stand. Leaking liquids also do not come into contact with the accessory holder.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Order and Cleanliness
  • Accessories always at hand
  • Everything in one place
  • Stylish design adapted to the Monsieur Cuisine Connect

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As a family-run, medium-sized company from OWL, we rely on proximity to customers and our customers thank us for it. When selecting our materials and suppliers, we pay attention to the highest quality, sustainability and absolute trust, which you will find in each of our products.

B-stock: Accessory holder for Monsieur Cuisine Connect
B-stock: Accessory holder for Monsieur Cuisine Connect
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